Demolish the Deceit

by Nam Land

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released September 5, 2016

Ron Guin - vocals
Bryant Mathews - guitar
Stephen Reichelt - bass
Lefty McGillicuddy - drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Mantis Studios by Jef Green
Produced by Jef Green and Nam Land

Additional vocals on "Club FEMA" by Paul Gillis (Morgue Supplier/Drug Honkey)

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Nam Land Chicago, Illinois

Nam Land crawled out of the gutters and back alleys of Chicago. We play our music to enlighten those who are too blind to see the atrocities committed against our shared world. There's a Cabal controlling us, manipulating through media and dominating using law enforcement, oil and war. We will not be silenced. Nam Land is not just a band. It’s you and me, a voice to be reckoned with. Insurrection. ... more

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Track Name: Demolish the Deceit
When there’s public resistance against the ones who rule with full control
They create a PROBLEM and blame some unknown enemy
Manipulation steers public reaction to outrage
My God, something must be done!

Harsh justice we demand they offer a SOLUTION
That changes humankind, it’s what they wanted all along
Cooperate and get in line, we’re protecting you from terror
Stripped of our rights

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Demolish the Deceit

Two and two make five and you’ll believe their pack of lies
Doublethink and Doublespeak, rammed down your throat from your TV
There’s two beliefs that contradict both runs concurrently
The Truth and Deception!

Don’t you know it’s Propaganda?
To keep you scared, consumed with fear
If you don’t agree, you’re deemed extreme, against their policies
Open up your eyes, don’t contribute to your own demise
Forced Indoctrination

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Demolish the Deceit
Track Name: Insurrection
Are you really gonna take this shit lying on your back?
The mighty few who rule the world, Off with their heads

Rebel against this tyranny

You’re a self-willing slave and you’ve turned a blind eye
To your children and your legacy, their lives left behind

Rebel against this tyranny
Track Name: Liar
I feel the shame for trusting you
I should’ve listened long before
You fooled me once, then twice again
Now I am stuck here, screaming at you…

You are a liar, you lie all the time (3x)
You are a LIAR

I see right through your lying eyes
Did you really expect me to believe?
You’re standing on a sinking ship
Far too late, go down with your crown…

You are a liar, you lie all the time (3x)
You are a LIAR
Track Name: Profits of War
There is no bottom line
Your life’s not worth a dime
The cabal, they feel no sorrow
Money and greed
Chaos is what they breed
Getting richer by the hour

The Profits of War!
More Money, More War!

Organizing war
Corruption to its’ core
Problem, Reaction, Solution
Money and greed
Destruction is what they seek
Getting drunk from all their power

The Profits of War!
More Money, More War!
Track Name: Club FEMA
Think you’re happy?
Wife, house, two kids
What a blessing
That’s what your life is

And then it’s gone
Taken away
Never to be seen or heard from again

You’ve been brainwashed
And led to believe
That if you don’t fall in line
You’ll end up on your knees

But you were wrong
Don’t run away
Don’t grab the hand
That offers salvation, just follow the Crows

If you walk through those doors
You’re dead to be sure
A slave, I insist
Two cuffs on your wrists

So now you’re gone
Locked in a cage
Rotting away
Never to be seen or heard from again